Seth Rollins Responds to Fans Who Think It's Cool to Hate WWE

Seth Rollins made headlines back in June when he took to Twitter to firmly plant his flag in support of the WWE, firmly stating that it deserved its title of being the "best pro wrestling on the planet."

"I've sat back and watched idiots with no clue talk poorly about the place I dedicate my life to EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. The level I perform at on constant is untouchable," Rollins wrote at one point during his online crusade. "Time to let em know."

His Twitter interactions eventually led to a back-and-forth with IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay, which eventually led to Rollins apologizing for "garbage tweets." However his opinions and support of WWE remained unchanged. In a new interview with Yahoo Sports, the former Universal Champion gave his thoughts on why so many fans are negative about WWE's current product.

"We're the New York Yankees," Rollins said. "It's easy to hate the New England Patriots. We're those teams, we're the dynasty. It's easy to hate us, but we're still the most popular company in the world at what we do. We're so far beyond being a wrestling company that it's very easy to point the finger and hate on us. That's the cool thing to do, it makes perfect sense to me, it's how it's always been in sports and entertainment, you always hate the big guy. It's fine, I'm not upset about it at all.

"I just want people to understand and appreciate the things we go through and the fact that we're always trying to do our best," he continued. Nobody is taking it easy, nobody is just getting by. Everybody from top to bottom, every department in the entire company is putting in as much work as they possibly can to make this the best."

One of the most vocal critics of WWE in recent months was Jon Moxley during an interview he gave on the Talk is Jericho podcast. Rollins recently responded to his comments in an interview on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast.


"Ambrose can do what he wants," Rollins said. "He's a big boy, he's got his big boy pants on. He can go out there and say whatever he wants, but the bottom line is not everybody's equipped to handle the rigors of WWE and the schedule and how it affects you mentally and emotionally.

"And Ambrose gave everything he had to the company for the entire time he was here," he added. "He put his heart and soul into the travel, into the schedule, into the injuries, into the work in the ring and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, he took his ball and he went home, or he went elsewhere at least. And I think it's a little presumptuous of him to get on a podcast and talk down about the company that gave him such an opportunity. And her referenced some of those. He talked about how he's thankful for the time he spent here and that that he learned, he met his wife and all that good stuff. Like I said, I love the guy, I'll always love him. But at the end of the day we just share differing perspectives about what we want out of life and where we're at in our own lives.