Finn Balor Credits Brock Lesnar For NXT Return

The crowd lost their minds when Finn Balor returned to NXT, and he did so with authority, turning heel in the process and leaving the babyface Finn from WWE behind. This was The Prince in all his splendor, and on tonight's NXT fans got an even more in-depth look at why he returned to the black and gold brand. Tonight's NXT was a bit different than previous episodes, focusing on individuals or feuds rather than actual matches, but during Balor's time in the spotlight, he revealed that it was actually his match against Brock Lesnar that flipped the switch, leading to his ultimate return to the place he dominated for so long.

We saw footage of that hard-hitting match, and Balor did ultimately lose that match, but as he explains, it brought back a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. "Brock beat me that night, but he saved my life," Balor said. "He brought the fight back to Finn Balor. I needed to wrestle, and i needed to wrestle in NXT."

He goes on to say how he is the best wrestler in the world, and he got tired of spending so much time making other superstars better who fought him in the ring, losing a bit of his fight in the process. After Brock, he felt that fight once more, and he wanted to return to where that fight was always present, and that's NXT.

"Going back to 2014. Going back to somethign i belive in. This was about me. This was about the Prince.

"For 2️⃣9️⃣2️⃣days I proved that I was the BEST wrestler in the world!" - Former #NXTChampion

So, next time you don't like Lesnar returning, just remember we wouldn't have Balor in NXT without him, so maybe don't boo so hard.

He also said he will get a piece of Walter, and that's a match we can't wait to see.

You can find the official description of tonight's NXT below.


"WWE COO Triple H and Tom Phillips will host tonight’s edition of NXT. Don’t miss a second, starting at 8/7 C on USA Network."

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