Cody Rhodes Provides More Information on AEW's All Out Tickets

While AEW has events booked for both June and July, their next major event will come in August with the official sequel event to last year's All In with All Out. The show will take place at the Sears Centre Arena outside of Chicago, Illinois, the same location as All In, and will likely sell-out faster than the 29 minutes it took for the 2018 event to run out of tickets.

Cody Rhodes discussed the tickets going on sale on Friday, June 14, at noon eastern on the latest Being the Elite.

At one point he promised that everyone would get tickets, only for his wife Brandi Rhodes to yell at him from offscreen that he couldn't promise that again like he did with Double or Nothing.

"Tickets are about to go on sale. And I'll be the first to admit, with ticketing on-sales, press conferences and ticketing times, in the past mistakes have been made," Rhodes said. "Who could forget what happened with All In? [Cuts to stock footage of Black Friday sales]. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention at the Double or Nothing pool party, I guaranteed those in attendance and all those viewing at home that they would get tickets, and the math really didn't add up.

But this time is different," Rhodes said. "I want you to be prepared, I want you to have all the information. For starters, fan-friendly price points, just like with Double or Nothing. The most expensive seat in the house is $190, the cheapest seat is $30."

Rhodes followed that up by posting the layout for the Sears Centre, showing how much tickets would cost based on where fans sat in the arena.

He then drove home that the tickets go on sale — June 14, noon eastern. You can check out the link for tickets here.

The only match that has been booked thus far for the show is Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho. The winner will be crowned the first AEW World Champion.


With AEW hosting a show near Chicago, many fans have speculated whether or not it will lead to former WWE Champion CM Punk joining the company. AEW president Tony Khan addressed those rumors after Double or Nothing.

"What's a one person wrestling company?" Khan said. "There's not such thing. He was on the first roster when I sketched out, like, 'Hey, I want to start a wrestling company, who are all the names you're gonna get?' Everybody we got is on that list and he was also on that list, to be honest with you, but a lot of people were on that list. Most of them are here. I got almost every person I wanted."

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