Watch: Cody Rhodes Invites Arrow's Stephen Amell to Join AEW

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Tony Khan and others appeared at the Television Critics [...]

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Tony Khan and others appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday to make the announcement for AEW's upcoming live weekly show on TNT. After officially announcing the show's premiere date (Oct. 2) and first show's location (Capital One Arena in Washington D.C.) the group took questions from a variety of reporters about the company's future.

At one point Rhodes was asked about Stephen Amell, who will see his role as Oliver Queen on Arrow come to an end once the final season airs this fall. Amell and Rhodes are friends in real life, and their friendship led to Amell making his one-on-one wrestling debut at the All In event back in September 2018. While he hasn't wrestled since, Rhodes was asked if Amell might make the jump to AEW at some point.

"Well, I think as far as the group, we can say Stephen's a wrestler," Rhodes said. "He's technically, he was technically in the Bullet Club somehow. Stephen is a wrestler, so we would, I think we'd absolutely, when the time comes, if Stephen needs a home as a wrestler, ever wants to get back in the ring, we're ready for it. We've got ideas in case he wants to show up. And he's watched every second of what we've done and commented on it so far. So I just wait for the day.

"Tell him, just tell him that he'll always have a home with AEW," Rhodes added.

Matt Jackson joked that Amell "just can't break a rib again," referencing the injury (an occult fracture in his hip) he suffered during his match with Christopher Daniels.

Amell said during a panel at MegaCon back in May that he would not consider stepping into the ring again until after Arrow was finished. The eighth season's first episode will premiere on Oct. 15 on The CW.

"First of all, it was amazing to work with Cody. As much of a fan of wrestling as I am, he's a fan of acting," Amell said. "He really threw himself in the idea of being a part of this and having him up there, we didn't get to hang out as much as I wanted, because obviously I'm very busy when I 'm up there. Having him up there was great. If you don't know, he started All Elite Wrestling, which is a new promotion. It's gonna be on TNT, this fall."

"I'm not gonna be be doing any wrestling until — is my wife here? I'm not gonna be doing any wrestling, honey!" he continued. "No, I might do something again with him but not until I'm done with the show."

AEW's next event, All Out, will take place on Aug. 31.