Kenny Omega Beats PAC in Incredible Iron Man Match on AEW Dynamite

Kenny Omega and PAC clashed in one of AEW's best matches to date on Wednesday night when the two [...]

Kenny Omega and PAC clashed in one of AEW's best matches to date on Wednesday night when the two met in a 30-minute Iron Man match on AEW Dynamite. Each man walked into the show with one win over the other, with PAC submitting Omega at All Out and Omega getting his win back in November. By the time the clock had expired the two were still tied at one pinfall apiece, but it was then announced that bout would continue until someone broke the tie. Omega finally put "The Bastard" away with a One Winged Angel.

Omega was on the verge of picking up the first fall, but Pac went into panic mode and nailed him with a steel chair. The disqualification gave Omega a point, but it left him wide open for PAC to nail the Black Arrow and tie things up 1-1.

After the commercial break PAC nailed a Falcon Arrow off the apron, then accidentally took out the referee. With nobody to call a disqualification, he pulled out a table and drove Omega through it with a Shooting Star Press.

Another referee ran out and started a count, and Omega was still able to get back in the ring thanks to an assist from the Bucks.

With less than three minutes left on the clock, PAC countered a One Winged Angel with a Poison Rana and locked in the Brutalizer submission. Omega was able to roll to the ropes for an escape, but PAC went for the move again after the break. Kenny managed to fight off and withstand the hold up until time expire, much to PAC's anger.

Justin Roberts grabbed a microphone and announced the match would be under Sudden Death rules. Omega nailed a V-Trigger, a Kamigoye and a One Winged Angel for the win.

Omega and Hangman Page will defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships against the Bucks at AEW Revolution on Saturday night in Chicago.