AEW: Update on FTR's Contracts Following Their AEW Revolution Return

FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler returned to AEW programming last night at the Revolution pay-per-view in San Francisco, confronting The Gunns and making it clear they want their AEW World Tag Team Championships. Harwood and Wheeler were last seen going on a five-match losing streak, dropping the ROH, IWGP and AAA tag titles, failing to win the AEW titles from The Acclaimed and taking an upset loss against Austin and Colten Gunn. Harwood then announced on his FTR podcast that he and Wheeler had been granted a hiatus from TV and that their contracts are set to expire this April. He then claimed the pair were unsure about whether or not they'd sign another deal with the young promotion, potentially opening the door for them to return to WWE.

However, it now sounds like all of those claims weren't completely true. Mike Johnson of PWInsider is now reporting that it is believed the pair are still locked into long-term deals with AEW and that the April expiration claims were meant to advance their storyline with The Gunns and the tag titles. 

"Tony has been nothing but top-notch to me and Dan [Dax] since day one," Harwood said back in January. "There are things that we haven't agreed on, as any boss and any employee, even any friend. There are times that I felt the boat was missed on opportunities for us. There were times that I was super happy with everything we were doing, but there has come a time where we are on the tail end of our career. Right now, at this point in our career, is the most important time in our career. I mean that monetarily, creatively, and personally. It is the most important time in our career. With that being said, we have asked and been granted the next few months off of television so we can sit back, reflect, decide, let out bodies heal, and figure out what we're going to do for the next few years. Whatever we decide to do next will be the absolute last thing we do as far as wrestling."

"By April, we will have an answer," he continued. "I have to take my health, my family, my creativity, and I have to take my personal life all in consideration about what we're going to do next. I know what I want to do, but whatever we do, I just want to be respected. I feel we have done something so special in 2022 and most of that is in part to the fans. We deserve to continue to build on our legacy for ourselves, but also we owe it to the fans to build on that legacy because they made us this past year. I'm not sure exactly how long we'll be away. It may be all the way until the end of our contract. Our contract is up in April."