Watch: Matt Hardy Reveals New Persona on Final 'Free The Delete'

Matt Hardy uploaded the final episode of his "Free The Delete" YouTube series on Thursday. And while it didn't reveal him to be the leader of The Dark Order (that turned out to be Brodie Lee), he did reveal his new persona going forward, Damascus. Hardy appeared at the start of the video with the blond portion of his hair now dyed red, and asked Senor Benjamin to bring Ryzin (the demonic figure that beat Hardy in a compound match earlier in the series) back to the Dome of Deletion.

Hardy told Ryzin that he should bend the knee and join him, but he refused. The two then started another match, this time resulting in Hardy powerboming Ryzin through a table when he attempted to climb a ladder. Instead of chanting "Delete" whenever he struck him, Hardy started shouting "Break!" He revealed that the spirit inhabiting his body is no longer Zenith, but rather a new character named "Damascus." The match ended with Hardy seemingly ripping the soul out of Ryzin's body.


The clip ended with Hardy telling Vanguard One to take him to his "Arcadia."

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