Orange Cassidy Douses Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle With Orange Juice

Chris Jericho brought The Inner Circle out to the ring during AEW's Fight for the Fallen on Wednesday night to cut a promo about his match with Orange Cassidy the week prior. Jericho said he felt the match was one of the best of his career, and said fans were telling him that he made Cassidy a star. But, after some random remarks about television ratings, Jericho said that there was no way there would ever be a rematch between the two. Cassidy then appeared in the crowd and, after more mocking from Jericho, he raised one of his hands to the sky and gave the thumbs down.

Suddenly orange juice came raining down from the sky right onto the ring. Ortiz spent the next few minutes slipping all over the ring while Jericho was enraged (since his white suit jacket cost $7,000!). Jericho then asked for a towel, only to realize he was wiping his face on a special Orange Cassidy towel.


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