AEW: Rumor Killer Regarding Latest Free Agent Signings

Last week SEScoops released a new report that All Elite Wrestling was in negotiations with Tessa Blanchard and Daga, quoting a source in saying that it was "all but a formality" that they'd be signing with the promotion soon. However, both PWInsider and the Wrestling Observer have since released reports directly contradicting that. Blanchard was accused of bullying and making racist comments backstage by numerous wrestlers days before she won the Impact World Championship, and was unceremoniously stripped of the title and released by Impact that summer after missing a number of TV tapings.

"After speaking with a number of sources within AEW, can report that not only are Daga and Blanchard not slated to debut with the promotion, there have been no discussions with either talent," Mike Johnson wrote on Tuesday. "We are told that the promotion has never made an offer to either talent. So, if you are expecting either to pop up in AEW in the foreseeable future, it's not happening."

"I do have to make mention before we go that AEW is not negotiating with Tessa Blanchard," Melzer said on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. "I know people keep asking me about this, and in fact, there is nothing to it."

Blanchard has repeatedly denied the accusations on social media.


"I've been away for a while, the main reason for that is to focus on my wedding & honeymoon," Blanchard wrote last September after a hiatus from social media. "The past few months I've gotten back to the basics & been focusing on the relationships I have with family, friends & myself. The point of this post is because I'm taking back the control of my narrative. I've had people weigh in on what I should do, what I should say, what interview to do, where to go.. now, I want to listen to what I want and what's in my heart. I am so blessed in so many areas of my life & I am so grateful to have such strong people in my life. & I regained control of that mindset.. that I know who I am. At the end of every day I can look in the mirror and say 'I know that woman, I like that woman, I love who that woman is becoming and what she's capable of', that's all I need. racist? That's not me, that's never been me, I don't have a history of being that way, I don't have a history of using that language & that's the end of it, it's just not who I am. & I'm tired of being called & my family seeing me be called something so hateful.

"Who I am is a woman that cares deeply about my passion and putting in work," she continued. "Who I am is a woman that gives 110% at whatever she does whether it was waiting tables, extra curricular school work, the next workout, or in the ring. Who I am is a woman that prefers to be viewed as tough as nails instead of having any form of weakness. Who I am is a woman completely driven by my passion & what I believe God has for me in life. Even with those little details about me, at the end of the day none of it matters.. we are each responsible for taking control of our own lives. I'm taking back control of mine.. #nosvemospronto."