Tony Khan Confirms Wrestler Injury From AEW Blood and Guts

Tony Khan was on Busted Open Radio this week and addressed Santana's status following last week's Blood and Guts match. The tag team wrestler was mere moments removed from entering the cage before hitting an Uranage that caused his knee to buckle. He spent the remainder of his time in the match up against the cage wall and was quietly helped up the entrance ramp as the match continued. Claudio Castagnoli won the match for his team, but Santana was obviously absent as they celebrated on the cage's roof. 

"I haven't talked much publicly about it. He is injured and it's unfortunate," Khan said. "Obviously, it's a very dangerous match and going into it, we knew injuries were a possibility. Santana is a great pro wrestler and part of a great tag team with Ortiz. We really value him. I did speak to him after, I know he's injured, we're going to stand by Santana and support him through the injury and do what we can. It's the right thing to do. Hopefully, it won't too long, but it could be a relatively long injury. It could be a while that Santana is out, but we're here for whatever he needs. It's unfortunate that the Blood & Guts match does come with injuries. It's a knee injury that he suffered. Hopefully, he'll be back, relatively soon."

Santana's injury is sadly just the latest in a long line of injuries that have hit AEW's roster. Stars like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega were all absent from last month's Forbidden Door pay-per-view and Adam Cole wound up suffering a serious concussion during the semi-main event.

"Yes, absolutely," Khan said in a media press conference prior to Forbidden Door about working on a Forbidden Door 2 with (hopefully) all of their top stars being healthy. "I've thought a lot about it, and we've already discussed the possibility of Forbidden Door 2 based on the success already we've had with this event selling well over $1 million dollars in tickets. And now because we've opened up some seats with the cool stage we put in, I think we can get more fans in so there a few seats left in Chicago but it was sold out, and we've opened up more seats, but they're going quickly.

"So I don't know. I think it's been so successful of an event that we have to plan to do it. I think a sequel is to be expected. And it would be great to get some of those wrestlers back, but who knows? Next year, you can always have people get injured," he added.


h/t Fightful