AEW Championship Gets Stolen, Samoa Joe Jokes About Being the Culprit

Wardlow took to social media late Tuesday night to reveal someone had broken into his rental car. The thief wound up stealing all of his wrestling gear along with the TNT Championship, which "Mr. Mayhem" won at Revolution this past Sunday. He's still scheduled to defend the title tonight against Powerhouse Hobbs, but unless the original title is retrieved AEW will likely need to use a backup. 

Samoa Joe, who dropped the title to Wardlow, had the best possible response for the incident as he joked about being the culprit. He tweeted on Wednesday, "Anyone know how to get broken glass out of a Balaclava? Asking for a friend..."

Wardlow on Struggling With His 2022 Push

Wardlow first won the TNT Championship last year as part of a massive babyface push. But, as he admitted in a recent interview with ComicBook, the young star struggled with the situation mentally

"Man, I think about this a lot, and I was just thinking about this very in-depth recently because I feel like I took it for granted a little bit. Few reasons," he began. "So I'm a negative thinker, I'm my biggest critic. I don't think at the time I allowed myself to comprehend just how big I was and how popular and how just outrageous the ideal of Wardlow was at the time.

"Also, I think there's a little bit of truth to Max (MJF) calling himself the devil. Right around the time Max and I started our feud, I really just lost myself, and I just wasn't myself in that whole stretch of time. I was just a different person and I was a ball of stress and I really couldn't focus or grasp what my life was or should have been," Wardlow continued. "And even after I beat Max, the devil wasn't gone. He still had his claws in my back. And the next night, here I am, Wardlow getting my name chanted by a sold-out crowd like we haven't seen in decades. And the next (episode) I'm back to doing nothing and Max is dropping this bombshell of a promo and now the show's still all about him. I beat him, but I didn't beat him. So there's a lot to be said there. All's I'll say is I'll dance with the devil again, and that time will come and things will be a little different next time."