AEW's Lucha Bros. Retain Tag Team Titles on Rampage

After their beyond impressive win at AEW All Out, it was time for The Lucha Bros. to defend their Tag Team Championships once again on this week's episode of AEW Rampage, and it would be the freshly returned Butcher and his partner The Blade they would be facing. Both teams got in offense early, though Penta and Fenix delivered amazing dives and seemed to gain some momentum, though Butcher and Blade's stellar teamwork put a halt to it. They kept tagging in and out and keeping Penta grounded, but Penta got out of it with some kicks and tagged Fenix in.

Fenix took on both Butcher and Blade and despite Butcher's size managed to suplex him and then followed it up with a suplex to Blade. Then Penta held Blade and Fenix hit a Double Stomp Fear Factor but Butcher scouted it and put a stop to it, and then dragged Blade to his corner and tagged himself in.

Butcher slammed Penta down hard but Penta kicked out. Blade hit a Power Slam on Penta but Penta kicked out again, and then Butcher and Blade teamed up on him but Penta kicked out somehow of the ensuing pin. He crawled to Fenix and got the tag but Butcher and Blade caught Fenix before he could get in and then Blade tied Penta's mask to the ropes to keep him grounded.

Butcher and The Blade kept Fenix grounded with big kicks and punches, and they went to slam Fenix but Penta took his mask off and covered his face as he superkicked Butcher, which gave Fenix the chance to get the pin and the win, but they didn't get any time to celebrate. Private Party would come out of the ring and attack them, but before they could beat them down further Ortiz and Santana would run in for the rescue and send Private Party packing.

Here's the full card for tonight's Rampage:

The Lucha Bros (C) defeated The Butcher & The Blade

Anna Jay defeated The Bunny


Miro defeated Fuego del Sol (Car vs Title Match)

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