Alexa Bliss Reportedly Not Yet Cleared for Wrestling Return, Update on Training

The timetable for a return by Alexa Bliss to a WWE ring continues to be a question without an [...]

The timetable for a return by Alexa Bliss to a WWE ring continues to be a question without an answer.

Earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry made headlines by stating during an interview with Busted Open Radio that Bliss has been fully cleared for a return to the ring. It turns out those comments weren't exactly accurate.

According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bliss has been cleared for some limited physical activity, but she has not been cleared for a full return to action. She recently began training again at the WWE Performance Center, but the wrestling aspect of that training has been relegated to a modified wrestling ring.

According to Bryan Alvarez on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bliss is training in the ring that is often called the "high flyer" ring due to the fact that it includes a crash pad beneath the ring's mat that is nearly one foot thick. The ring is usually used for practicing high risk moves off the top rope so that talent doesn't have to fear an injury, hence the "high flyer" nickname.

Bliss began training at the WWE Performance Center last week by using this ring. WWE staff were reportedly watching her closely as she trained and took some light bumps in that location, but she was reportedly not taking any falls in a standard wrestling ring.

At the end of October, Bliss suffered the last in a series of concussions which has resulted in her absence from competition. According to the interview with Henry, Bliss told the Hall of Famer that she was starting to have memory lapses where she couldn't remember what city she was in or why she was there. She also was reportedly experiencing vertigo and balance issues.

Since being taken out of competition, WWE has kept Bliss a focal point on television by making her the general manager of the women's division on RAW. Bliss has always been one of the best in the company on the microphone and has very much excelled in this recent role.

The report by Alvarez noted that there is some talk that WWE is hoping Bliss could be ready to return to the ring in time for the Royal Rumble in January, though that is strictly an unconfirmed rumor at this point in time.