All Time Wrestling Card Game Featuring Kurt Angle, Macho Man Randy Savage, and More Hits Kickstarter

Some of the biggest legends in WWE are now set to hit the tabletop courtesy of a new wrestling card game titled All Time Wrestling. The new creation of Cation Arts is now live on Kickstarter, and has already surpassed its $9,000 goal for a current total of #30,000, but if you haven't backed the campaign yet, here are all the details. All Time Wrestling is described as a fast-paced card and dice wrestling game that accommodates 1 to 4 players and features a story-driven campaign. Games only take around 20 minutes, and you can battle it out with a host of wrestling legends, including Kurt Angle, Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, and British Bulldog. You can find the full campaign right here.

All Time Wrestling isn't a turn-based game, as players will instead be battling it out using the initiative system. You'll spend stamina to play an Attack Card, but the opponent can black, reverse, or use a special ability to stop that attack and therefore regain the initiative. If the Defender can't stop the attack, you have to roll the target number listed on the Attack Card, subtracting or adding in any modifiers. Then you deal damage and gain momentum as the attack dictates, which might result in the perfect time to pin them or use a special ability among other options.

(Photo: Cation Arts)

The Kickstarter Base Edition can be backed for $29 and features the 2-player game and Kickstarter exclusive double-recessed player boards for each wrestler, which includes Kurt Angle, British bulldog, Jax Felix, and Mukundi Shumba. The $54 Kickstarter Legends tier gets you two more Legends (Andre the Giant and Randy Savage), and if you want to max things out further, the $67 Double Trouble tier gets you Tag Team matches, 4-player games, Cage Matches, and Last Man Standing matches.

Now, there is also a $1099 tier, but this one is limited to 4 and allows you to be made into a wrestler to be used in the game. They will work with you to create your own playable wrestler, including all the stats, abilities, and attack deck, and it will feature 3 unique pieces of artwork for your wrestler. It's a pretty cool bonus if you have the disposable income to make it happen, and you can find the full description of the game below.

"All Time Wrestling is a fast-paced card-and-dice wrestling game for 1-4 players that also includes a full solo mode and story driven campaign. *Note that the Kickstarter Base Game Edition only supports 2 players. The game is easy to learn and set up, quick to play (a typical match takes around 20 minutes), and provides plenty of interesting choices and strategies that would excite an experienced player. The most exciting part of gameplay is stringing devastating comb os and timing your abilities to win the match."

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