Andrade El Idolo Says He's On "Good Terms" With Triple H

Andrade El Idolo has had a complicated relationship with his recent employers. While he found success in NXT and had the odd opportunity on WWE's main roster, Andrade's frustration with his creative direction in WWE led to him requesting his release from the company. In a rare instance, Andrade's release was granted days after he confirmed the request. Since then, the 32-year-old star made his way to All Elite Wrestling. In a little over a year with AEW, Andrade has been featured in marquee matches against the likes of Cody Rhodes and Pac, but has struggled to get consistent television time or a high-profile bout on pay-per-view.

Speaking with Mas Lucha, Andrade noted that he feels like he's in a similar position in AEW as he was in WWE.

"I feel like I am going through what I was going through in WWE right now," Andrade said. "Although I have a great contract and the schedule is good too, because the WWE schedule is unimaginable. People believe that you only wrestle once a week, but you wrestle non-televised matches in other cities and countries. Right now, it's difficult because I want more in AEW, especially now that Rush came in. Since he joined, I was like, I want more. There is lots of stuff happening, including people saying I want to go back to Triple H, but I don't want to speak too much about that."

While he did not comment on that prospect, Andrade did mention that he is on "good terms" with the WWE Chief Creative Officer.

"He gave me an opportunity and helped me a lot in NXT and I spoke to him when I requested my release," Andrade continued. "We are on good terms and he always mentioned that I can keep in contact with him. I cannot say that I have contacted him recently, but it is difficult due to legalities."

Even though he cannot talk business with Triple H directly, Andrade made mention of a liaison that he has within WWE.

"If he wanted to speak to me, my wife works there, so he can always reach out to me from there too," Andrade said. "It is difficult at the same time because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) has time off due to personal reasons and she will specify them in future interviews."

Andrade's AEW career is on the line this Friday, as he faces Preston Vance in a Mask vs. Career match on AEW Rampage.