Becky Lynch Returning to WWE NXT for Women's Title Match

Tiffany Stratton retains her WWE NXT Women's Title, is challenged by Becky Lynch

A battle for the WWE NXT Women's Championship got tonight's NXT off to a rolling start, as Tiffany Stratton looked to defend her Championship reign from the new number-one contender Kiana James. James was aggressive right from the start, showing no signs of backing down from the Champion. Stratton looked vulnerable at times, but she was able to get the match back under control and retain her NXT Women's Championship. She didn't get much time to celebrate though, as Becky Lynch appeared on the screen and revealed that she is returning to NXT to claim the one Title in WWE she hasn't added to the resume, and Lynch and Stratton will throw down next week.

Stratton and James locked up immediately and Stratton would get the first knockdown. Stratton evaded James' attack, but James was able to show off her evasion skills on the next exchange. Stratton knocked James down and covered James, but she used her feet on the ropes and the referee spotted it. Then James rolled up Stratton but she grabbed Stratton's tights and the referee caught that as well.

The Champion looked vulnerable for a bit at this point, as James stayed aggressive and kept Stratton on the mat. Stratton managed to overpower James and reverse the hold and then exchanged reversals. James put Stratton on the ropes for a minute but the Champ came roaring back and hit her flips to double stomp combo into a cover, but James kicked out. Then James tried to counter the move but ended up colliding with Stratton in the center of the ring, knocking both competitors to the mat.

Then Stratton crawled over to James' purse and used it against James, but she missed and James hit the 401K and went for the pin. Stratton kicked out but then Stratton raked the eyes off James without the referee seeing it and slammed James down before going for the moonsault, and that was it for James. Stratton retains her NXT Women's Championship, but her celebration was cut short by none other than The Man Becky Lynch, who appeared on the screen.

"Tiffany! Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany. Congratulations on your victory," Lynch said. "Look, everybody's been asking me what is next for the man, and well gosh, seeing as I've won just about everything in this company, apart from one Title, and that Title is hanging on your shoulder. The NXT Women's Championship."

"And, seeing as you have made a trip to Raw last week and you were at Payback on Saturday, I think it's time that The Man comes around to NXT. You said it yourself, you have no competitors so I went and found you one," Lynch said. "Me! So next Tuesday it will be Tiffany Stratton vs. The Man for the NXT Women's Championship in the main event. Toodles!"

Lynch has never held the NXT Women's Championship, but now she'll get her chance to complete the WWE resume. As for Stratton, this will be the Champion's biggest test yet by far, as it doesn't get much bigger than Big Time Becks. This continues the rollout of more crossover between the brands, as Seth Rollins defended his Championship on NXT not all that long ago. Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Rey Mysterio have all been part of NXT as well in recent months, and Dominik is still the NXT North American Champion.

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