Becky Lynch Reportedly Attended WWE SmackDown This Week

Becky Lynch has been away from WWE since May as she and Seth Rollins prepare to welcome their first child this December. However, the former dual WWE Women's Champion did return to the company last night according to a new report. Lynch was reportedly backstage at the WWE SmackDown tapings at the Amway Center in Orlando on Friday evening alongside her fiance, Rollins, who was making his debut with the blue brand after being drafted to SmackDown in last week's WWE Draft.

Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT confirmed Lynch's presence at the show. Of course, it's going to be many months before we see Lynch back in a WWE ring as the mother-to-be should take as much time off as she wants after giving birth to her first child.

There has been speculation that Lynch could be ready to wrestle again by WrestleMania next year at the end of March, though no report on the matter could ever be certain. Once baby does finally arrive, it's hard to predict how long Lynch would want to stay away from the wrestling business. That would be her decision alone to make and rightfully so.

Rollins recently commented on Lynch and her pregnancy, which is now in the third trimester.

"It's her first pregnancy, so she's just figuring it all out," Rollins told People Magazine. "For her, in our industry, most women, when they get pregnant, they can continue to do their job. They can work up until eight, nine months. So they have a routine throughout the day that they do.

"With this, it was just like, she's going 100 miles an hour, had the busiest year of her life, and then 'Bam!' shut down. Done. You can't do your work anymore. And 'Bam!' Hollywood is shut down. No meetings because of the pandemic, because of COVID. So that's all out the window, too."


He continued, noting Lynch seems to want to continue being creative and working and has some projects in development.

"So now you're trying to figure out what to do with your time, and she's just not a lazy person," Rollins said. "She's the hardest working person I've ever met, so she wants to always be productive. That's what gives her purpose on a day-to-day basis. So it's been crazy for her, but she found some cool things that hopefully she'll be able to share in the future."