Booker T Explains How He Would Improve WWE's Product

Want to improve today's wrestling product? Perhaps a WWE Hall of Fame member could have some sound advice.

Booker T spoke out on today's wrestling product and ways it could be improved during a recent edition of his podcast.

"We are in a different time right now," Booker said. "When we went to the PG era, that kind of flipped the script a bit. It went almost to a television show.

"I think we just got to go back to what wrestling was. What wrestling was, is characters like 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. That is organically made, you can't create that, you can't learn that in a school. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, you can't manufacture something that is organic. Guys like Bret Hart, Sting, Ric Flair, those guys built their careers going around the world and getting worldly talent. The went all over learning their craft."

WWE has certainly struggled at creating stars who have organically got themselves over. While the company has concentrated hard on pushing someone like Roman Reigns, he hasn't had that organic feel to him. Instead, he's felt rushed and over-pushed, which has often caused the live crowds to push-back against him. This despite Reigns undoubtedly being one of the best performers in the company.

Alternatively, there have been a few stars in recent years who have organically been over with the crowd, notably Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. While WWE may have been hesitant to push Bryan initially, they've rolled with Kingston and he is currently in the midst of a long title run.

There's something else that Booker sees as a problem with the WWE product: scripted promos.

"What wrestling was back in the day was you put a camera in front of the guy, they have an issue and they voiced the issues," Booker explained. "They did it in an articulate fashion when you go, 'man, I like those guys, or I don't.' Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, you think you can give him a script and ask him to follow this script and say these words verbatim? That's not going to happen."


Continuing, Booker said, "On the other hand, you got to have guys like Jake that can go out there and pull that promo off, make it believable as well," Booker said. "A lot of guys in the wrestling business have never been in a real fight, so they don't know how to react in these promos. Guys are really young guys. Guys back in the day had a lot of worldly experiences, they know what it's like to have someone say something stupid and fight breaks out, the relied on real experiences."

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.]