WWE's Braun Strowman Shows Off Post-Surgery Photo

Braun Strowman's elbow has made plenty of headlines as of late, and the Monster Among Men just posted an up to date photo of his surgical wound.

Strowman underwent a procedure to remove bone spurs from his elbow earlier this month. As of Friday, his status is questionable for TLC on December 16 and to add to the ambiguity, Strowman posted a photo of his highly bruised elbow on Twitter:

An earlier story indicated that WWE is concerned Strowman's availability for TLC. The press indicated that if Strowman can wrestle, it will likely be a very short and decisive match with Baron Corbin.

While the bone spur issue was never regarded as serious, Strowman potentially missing TLC would throw a wrench in WWE's plans. If Strowman beats Corbin, he'll earn the right to fight Brock Lesnar for the Univeral Championship at the Royal Rumble. But if he can't make it to TLC, Strowman and WWE will need to find a new path to Lesna.r This can be easily remedied but would be yet another on-the-fly adjustment for WWE to make.

We'll guess Strowman competes and squashes Corbin at TLC, but keeps a low profile in his march to Lesnar and the Rumble. However, with the Universal Championship being marred by injuries and illness in its short history, WWE may opt for a healthier Superstar to pursue their top title.