Braun Strowman Credits 'Best Friend' Bray Wyatt With WWE Success

Watching WWE Superstars interact in the ring is fun, but we all want to know what they're like [...]

Watching WWE Superstars interact in the ring is fun, but we all want to know what they're like behind Vince McMahon's curtain. And according to Braun Strowman, he and Bray Wyatt are best buds.

In an interview with SPN Action, Strowman revealed that not only are he and Bray Wyatt tight, but the Eater of Worlds has been a wrestling sage of sorts that has helped Strowman expedite his WWE climb.

"It's tough to keep a friend when you throw them off of cages and smash their car, eat their cake and do everything else. Behind the scenes, I'm friends with everyone at work, but without a doubt, my best friend is Bray Wyatt," said Strowman.

When Strowman got his star in WWE he was used as the largest muscle for the now-defunct Wyatt Family. As a 7 foot monster in a black lamb mask, Strowman had no trouble garnering attention. But since his departure from the stable, Strowman has shot up WWE's card.

"The man pretty much brought me into the industry when they tagged me up with The Wyatt Family it was my seventh match I'd ever had. I didn't know the difference between a headlock and a beetle throw. Bray rode with me, showed me how to get around, how to book hotels, how to make the towns," he said.

Strowmanhad a background in powerlifting but not wrestling. However, an athlete his size and athleticism something Vince McMahon has long prayed for, so upon arriving, WWE did not hesitate to give him big spots. But because he's wrestling acumen was so limited, Strowman had to lean on Wyatt for in-ring coaching—a gesture Strowman will never forget.

"Then he started helping me with learning how to wrestle and I will forever be indebted to him. He's not my best friend, he's my brother," said Strowman.

2017 saw Strowman become an undeniable part of WWE's future and by the summer of 2018, he looks to be next in line for a turn with the Universal Championship. As Mr. Money in the Bank, fans can't wait to watch him march down the ramp and cash in on an inspection Champion at summerSlam. However, before that can happen, he'll have to defeat Kevin Owens that night.

Strowman spent most of July tormenting KO and the savvy Canadian bad guy used those beatdowns to justify a match for Strowman's briefcase in Brooklyn. Despite Strowman's popularity, it's rumored that some WWE officials think that he's not a great fit as Mr. Money in the Bank as it's typically reserved for heels. This element of doubt will make for an interesting SummerSlam matches Strowman could for from imminent Champion to square one.