Braun Strowman in Danger of Losing MITB Briefcase?

Historically speaking, the wrestler who holds the Money in the Bank briefcase is in charge of hunting a WWE Champion. But On Raw this week, Kevin Owens was given a license to hunt Mr. Money in the Bank, Braun Strowman—and plans may call for KO to be successful. reports some people behind WWE's curtain believe Strowman is an "ill fit" as the briefcase holder. Considering most MITB cash-ins are opportunistic, it's typically reserved for a heel. With Strowman being one of the most popular wrestlers in all of WWE, the psychology behind him as Mr. MITB is a little wonky.

But Kevin Owens could be a much better fit.

As arguably WWE's top heel, Owens storming down the ramp to take advantage of a vulnerable champion makes sense. But is it likely?

Some fans had grown tired of the sadistic story between Owens and Strowman. Form the outside it looked like Strowman was tormenting KO for pleasure, with no means to an end. But because Strowman's violence was gratuitous, Owens had room to make a plea to Stephanie McMahon. Not only did McMahon agreed to Owens pitch, but he'll have a SummerSlam match that truly favors him.

If Strowman loses, either by DQ, count out, or pinfall, Owens will become Mr. Money in the Bank. Right now it's hard to imagine Strowman simply squashing KO as that's been the case for most of this summer. But in Brooklyn, it feels like we're in for a dramatic pivot.

Coincidentally, early advertisements have Owens and Reigns meeting at September's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. While it was undisclosed whether or not it would be for the Universal Championship, one would assume that would be the case. If Owens beats Strowman, then cashes in on Reigns after he beat Lesnar, then their match for Hell in Cell would be expected. Granted this is serious of speculative conclusions, but if Hell in Cell is the endpoint, there is room to fill in the blanks with a massive SummerSlam for Owens.


Without question, WWE thinks highly of Kevin Owens. 2017 was a monster year for him has he not only clashed with Vince and Shane McMahon but he also had a brief stint iht the Universal Championship. And if there were any doubts as to how WWE feels about him we were recently rewarded with a massive contract. It's clear that WWE sees him as an integral part of the show and a personality they can build around.

As hot as Strowman is, WWE may be thinking that the machine will run better with a man like Owens controlling the MITB briefcase.