Bray Wyatt Responds to Report About Deserving WWE Release

Today Windham, formerly Bray Wyatt of WWE, is officially a free agent, and he is already teasing that he will share his side of his time in WWE soon. The subject came up because of a report from Ringside News, which said they had spoken to a source in WWE that had some not-so-nice things to say about Windham and his time with the company and that he deserved to be released. Windham took to social media to address this and called out two people with WWE that the opinion seemed to emanate from, which you can see below.

Windham first replied to the post on Twitter with a GIF of The Rock rolling his eyes, but he wasn't done. He then replied again, calling out two familiar names. Windham wrote "Now that we have Johnny and Bruce's opinion, I would like to share mine soon. #KultofWindham"

Now, those names should be familiar to WWE fans, as Windham is referring to General Manager of Talent John Laurinaitis and Executive Director of SmackDown and Raw Bruce Prichard. It seems Windham feels this either comes directly from them or at least echoes their sentiments, and he seems to be teasing he will be sharing his own details on what happened and his time with WWE soon.

This is easily one of the most anticipated interviews over the next few months, as it was truly a shock to man when WWE released Windham. His Fiend character was still quite over despite some bad booking decisions, and he was one of the most creative and out-of-the-box talents in WWE.

The last time Wyatt was on WWE television was WrestleMania, where he was screwed over by Bliss and her emerging powers during a match with Randy Orton. Many expected him to return at the next pay-per-view or in a few months, but that never happened. Instead, he was released, and now he is set to start a new journey. As for where he will start that journey, we're not sure yet, but all eyes are on Impact Wrestling and AEW, as those are the most likely destinations.

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