Bray Wyatt's Shows Off More Lame Powers On Smackdown

Bray Wyatt showed off a bit of his new Sister Abigail demon powers at WrestleMania when he leaned back in the corner and the ring turned into a projection of maggots. It was cool the first time. By the third, not so much. Anyone with a 1st grade education could tell it was just a projection and nothing that could pose any harm to Orton.

Tonight on Smackdown, Wyatt invoked his remacth clause and challenged Randy Orton to a House of Horrors match for the WWE Championship. After Randy accepted, Erick Rowan returned to give Wyatt a member in his flock and a partner for a tag team match at the end of Smackdown.

During their match with Orton and Luke Harper, Wyatt unveiled another one of the powers that he will look to employ in his House of Horrors match. As Orton took control of the bout, the lights went out (stop me if you've heard this one before) and when they came back on, Wyatt was suddenly halfway up the entrance ramp. Teleportation. you get it.

These are the same kind of "powers" my kids posses while poorly attempting magic tricks. But unlike with my children, I don't have to pretend to be impressed when a grown man with dreadlocks can't properly hide the quarter he's trying to pull from behind my ear.

There's no mystery for lights going out and someone running to a different location. That's pretty easy for anyone to comprehend.

It's disappointing that we've gotten to this point. Orton is back to being bland. Wyatt is back to having a lot of cool sounding threats with no significant wins to back them up. It's just a bummer. This was the most interesting feud on Smackdown for a long time, yet after the barn burned down, the entire plot seemingly went up in smoke.

Orton is once again your champion, Wyatt is 0-3 at WrestleMania, but hey at least Luke Harper is getting love.

I'll take it.

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