Jerry Lawler Not Convinced Brian Christopher Died By Suicide

Since the tragic death of Brian Christopher Lawler, his father and WWE Hall of Famer has expressed [...]

Since the tragic death of Brian Christopher Lawler, his father and WWE Hall of Famer has expressed doubt in how his son actually died. Police reports say Brian Christopher hanged himself in his cell, but Lawler has reason to believe that is not what happened.

In a recent episode of Lawler's podcast, Dinner With the King," the wrestling legend discussed the origin of his doubts regarding how his son died.

"Nobody who saw Brian in his last few moments is talking to us," Lawler said. "But everybody who was in the jail with Brian that day swears -- one of the guys he said to me, 'Mr. Lawler I got $92 to my name, but if I had $9 million I would bet all of it that Brian didn't hang himself.' These aren't any people who have anything to gain by talking to us. as a matter of fact, a lot of them are scared and are worried about their own safety after talking to us and telling us some of the things that went on in the jail that day.

Lawler admitted that hearing these accounts added frustration to an already heartbreaking situation. However, the WWE Hall of Famer was careful to say there are aspects of the investigation he cannot speak on, but he did share forensic details that have contributed to his uncertainty.

"They said he was hanged by shoelaces and there are a couple pictures of Brian's neck where it's almost the bruising from what would be a shoelace apparently, and it goes around and it stops on the front of his neck," Lawler continued. "The bruising stops at what would be the distance of his hand. When you look at a picture of his hand, there's bruising that looks like the side of his neck going along the inside of Brian's hand," he said.

Lawler postulates that the location of the bruises on Brian Christopher's hand and neck may not be consistent with someone who hanged themselves. Even more, Lawler asserted because his son was in solitary confinement, there was nowhere in his cell he could actually hang himself.

"To me, it looks like he had his hand trying to pull something off of his neck that may have been choking him. Those pictures aren't consistent with somebody hanging themselves. So there's just a lot of stuff that we have talked about a little but there's still a lot of stuff we can't talk about right now."

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