Brock Lesnar Defeats Randy Orton Via TKO At SummerSlam


The Beast Incarnate truly was unleashed at the main even of this year's SummerSlam as he left his opponent Randy Orton in a pile of his own blood.

After taking the initiative with fierce shoulder blocks to Randy, Lesnar began his ritual of suplexing Orton to hell and back. Orton was able to get some offense in, which included breaking the announcers' table and managed to land two RKO's on Lesnar, but couldn't get the pinfall on the former UFC Champion.

Orton dove deep in his arsenal and did a second rope DDT on his opponent, but still wasn't enough to seal the deal. At that time, Lesnar started going back on the offense and delivering an F-5.

But Lesnar didn't go for the pinfall from there.

Reaming into Orton like a freight train, Lesnar unleashed a series of slicing elbows on Orton's head and body, eventually busting Orton open and resulting in a TKO and the victory. The audience was obviously not happy with the result and began chanting "NXT" and "Goldberg", but Lesnar walked away smiling after delivering another F-5 to SmackDown! Live's Shane McMahon.


With Orton on SmackDown! and Lesnar on Monday Night Raw, it doubtul we'll get retribution anytime soon, but here's hoping Orton can regain some of the momentum he lost while being on the shelf for almost a year.