Cesaro Issues Open Challenge At NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff

Cesaro made an appearance on Saturday at NXT UK's TakeOver event in Cardiff, Wales and issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster that wanted to try their hand at facing the multiple time WWE main roster title holder.

Cameras filmed Cesaro entering the arena as he told them, "I didn't bring my gear for nothing. What I meant by that was I'm issuing an open challenge to anybody in the NXT UK locker room to step up and step in the ring with Cesaro."

Of course, Cesaro is no stranger to NXT, albeit the North American version of the brand. He worked Florida Championship Wrestling before the brand was turned into WWE NXT, but also returned for several NXT matches while part of WWE's main roster, including some great matches with Sami Zayn in 2014 during the early days of the WWE Network.

As far as NXT TakeOver Cardiff on Saturday goes, the man to step up to the open challenge ended up being Ilja Dragunov. Cesaro, as expected, got a huge pop from the live crowd and the two of them had a very good match.


In the end, Cesaro was victorious following the Neutralizer. The two shook hands after the match.