Cody Rhodes Is Officially Revealed As The Newest Member Of The Bullet Club

It was reported that Cody Rhodes would join the infamous Bullet Club this week. Kenny Omega was hyping the event saying that he won't keep us in suspense and all will be revealed shortly.

Sure enough, here comes Cody Rhodes to the Bullet Club as the American Nightmare. It's a cool moniker that obviously plays off his father's legacy of the American Dream.

(Photo: New Japan Pro Wrestling)

New Japan had posted his first vignette talking about he left "them in the dust" as he lights a cigar with a lighter shaped like a gun. He's some sort of mask that completely hides his face but still decked out to the nines as a Bullet Club shirt drapes over a chair.

After Cody's heel turn on his first day in Ring Of Honor, I still don't think anybody could have expected this. He is scheduled for a few dates in ROH going into next year, and will probably be sporting the Bullet Club shirt for all of them as we know once you're in the Biz Cliz, you're in for life.

What do you guys think of this development? The Bullet Club was founded to be a group of outsiders and foreigners and do you think Cody is a perfect fit for wrestling's favorite villainous group?


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