Watch: Cody Rhodes Gets Pinned by a 11-Year-Old After AEW Dynamite

Cody Rhodes just lost his first singles match in All Elite Wrestling... kind of. Rhodes closed out Wednesday night's show in Philadelphia alongside Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, MJF and The Young Bucks after Dynamite went off the air and noticed a kid dressed up like Orange Cassidy in the front row. He hoisted the kid up and brought him into the ring, then asked for a referee to come out. He joked that it might change the Full Gear main event, then gave himself a bump to allow the kid to pin him. MJF pretended to freak out and yelled at the kid not to pin him, but didn't work.

"Get that kid a plane ticket to Baltimore, he's wrestling Chris Jericho," Rhodes joked as the crowd cheered. According to ABC affiliate WPVI, the kid was an 11-year-old named Nate Richardson.

Rhodes is set to challenge Jericho for the AEW World Championship at the Full Gear pay-per-view in Baltimore on Nov. 9. Jericho closed out this week's show by successfully retaining the title in a Street Fight against Darby Allin thanks to some interference from Jake Hager. The feud between the two has been a personal one ever since Jericho brought up Rhodes' deceased father Dusty Rhodes, which prompted "The American Nightmare" to cut a scathing promo on the champ.

"So wouldn't that have been enough? Myself, coming off the two biggest wins of my career, entering the prime of my career at the beginning of AEW against the world champion, Chris Jericho? Nov. 9, Full Gear, Baltimore Maryland, Royal Farms Arena, that should have been enough. But Chris did what his lot often does, he wanted to escalate the scenario," Rhodes said. "He called my dad a son of a b--. Who's that for? Is that heat, are you getting heat on a dead man? Is this Memphis? No if it's heat on anybody it is heat on me because people would assume that I would corroborate which such a nonsensical and carny statement, and I would never. You want to know what else it is? It's lazy.


"Chris Jericho is one of the greatest interview men in the history of pro wrestling, one of the greatest promos," he added. "It's the equivalent of Elvis Presley saying, 'Guess what guys, I'm back from the dead and I've got a new song and it's me farting in the microphone for 30 minutes.' Come on. You should do better Chris. So let's cut the bells and whistles, we obviously don't need them. Nov. 9 you're not wrestling my dad, you're wrestling me. And I'm the son of a b—."

Photo: YouTube/paypereview wrestling