Watch: Corey Graves Pokes Fun at Chris Jericho's Stolen AEW World Championship on WWE SmackDown Live

The biggest story in the wrestling world on Tuesday was that Chris Jericho had his AEW World Championship belt stolen out of the back of a limousine the day after he won it at All Elite Wrestling's All Out pay-per-view.

By the time SmackDown Live rolled around on Tuesday night AEW had already commented on the issue via social media. Soon after Jericho posted a video confirming that the title was missing, and that he was conducting a worldwide search for it.

Commentator Corey Graves decided to have a little fun with the situation later in the night. One of the late segments featured Drake Maverick rolling up Bo Dallas inside the ring to claim his sixth reigns as WWE 24/7 Champion. As he scampered out of the ring, Graves said, "I'm sure Drake's gonna grab his wife and take a limousine to a chain restaurant."

By "chain restaurant" Graves was referring to the fact that Jericho was inside of a Longhorn Steakhouse when the belt was reportedly stolen, according to the police report filed by the Tallahassee Police Department.

AEW's comment on the issue read, ""Authorities are working on it as we speak. Thank you for your concern."

"Unfortunately less than 24 hours after I became the first ever AEW Champion, with blood streaming down my face after one of the hardest matches I've ever had in my life, some lowlife scumbag committed grand larceny and robbed me of the AEW Championship," Jericho said in his video.

"As a result, I am launching a worldwide investigation, using the top private investigators in the world today to find out who committed this crime," he later added.


Since a police report was filed, the fact that the belt was stolen is not a storyline. However given that Jericho's statement was uploaded to AEW's YouTube channel, it's possible that the company is trying to make a story out of the situation in order to move forward.

Meanwhile back on SmackDown Maverick didn't have much time to celebrate his championship victory, as he was rolled up and pinned by R-Truth at the top of the entrance ramp.