Dana Brooke Reveals How Her Flirting With Batista Started, Confirms Their First Date

If you've seen Wrestling Twitter over the past week, you've probably noticed WWE fans losing their minds over the steamy flirting between former WWE Champion Batista (Dave Bautista) and Friday Night SmackDown star Dana Brooke. Not long after Batista announced he was single again, a fan advised Brooke to ask out "The Animal." That wound up getting the ball rolling as the two sent pictures back and forth and teased the idea of going on a date. Brooke appeared on this week's episode of The Bump to confirm that not only was the flirting real, but that the two had a date planned for the near future.

Brooke explained that the whole thing started when she appeared on an episode of Ride Along and said she kept getting turned down by guys.

"[The fans] saw this tweet from Dave and they saw that episode of Ride Along, put two and two together and here we go," Brooke said. "They're little matchmakers.

"This is all backwards, right? You try to keep your relationships on the down low and hush-hush for a minute, this is completely opposite," she added. "Everything is out there in the open, and I'm like, 'What's going on!?' This is crazy to me!"

The hosts then asked if they'd be willing to have the date be filmed, given how public the two have been. Brooke was surprisingly all for the idea.

"I would love that," she said. "Dave and I, we understand each other's lifestyles, we understand each other's schedules. I love to support someone that is driven to their job and is passionate about what they do. We can relate on so many different levels as far as training and fitness. He also knows about the business and WWE."


WWE Backstage had a bit of fun with the pair's flirting by posting a trailer with a sensual voiceover recapping their tweets.

Batista returned to WWE television earlier this year for a feud with Triple H, which culminated in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 35. "The Animal" took to social media after losing to announce he was officially retiring from pro wrestling to focus on his budding acting career. He's currently got two films lined up for 2020 release — Dune and My Spy.