Dana White Responds to Roman Reigns' RAW Promo

WWE has been using Brock Lesnar's UFC past in virtually every storyline he has been involved in [...]

WWE has been using Brock Lesnar's UFC past in virtually every storyline he has been involved in since returning to the company in 2012.

However, the language has ramped up a bit since Brock appeared at a UFC PPV event recently and foreshadowed a return to the Octagon in the coming months. Roman Reigns has done everything he can to use Lesnar's possible UFC return against him, and this week, UFC President Dana White even got thrown some shade.

During his promo on RAW, Reigns said that he was going to send Lesnar "so far back into the UFC that he's going to find his head stuck in Dana White's ass."

For his part, White appeared to get a kick out of the line. He responded to the promo today on Twitter with the video clip and a brief message.

Lesnar appeared at UFC 226 in July and cut a promo on UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier. The two appear to be destined for a championship fight when Lesnar's suspension stemming from his former USADA drug testing failure expires. Lesnar had to re-enter the USADA pool and sit out for six months until he is allowed to fight again. He reportedly did re-enter the testing pool right around the time of his recent UFC appearance.

There's also a school of thought that Lesnar may not actually be completely out the door from WWE, though. Lesnar has teased a UFC return in the past, only to finally re-sign with WWE for more money. There's a chance he is using the UFC return as leverage to get a better deal from WWE. That said, Lesnar actually did return to the UFC for a fight at UFC 200 in 2016 while under contract with WWE, so you can't completely discount the fact that he may want to fight again.

One thing is for certain, Lesnar does like the wrestling business a lot more than the WWE story lines have made it seem. The entire story around Reigns vs. Lesnar is Brock only wrestles for the money and could care less about the business or the fans. The idea behind that, just as it was heading into WrestleMania earlier this year, is that it will make the fans get behind Reigns for the match.

That story and attempt at manipulating the audience's emotions failed miserably in New Orleans earlier this year, so the question remains: how will the crowd respond this Sunday in Brooklyn?