The New Day Capture SmackDown Tag Team Titles At WWE Extreme Rules

There are new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions as The New Day became six-time champions on Sunday night at Extreme Rules.

The triple threat tag team match between the former champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, and The New Day and Heavy Machinery went about as you'd expect. Bodies all over the place, chaos, and big spots galore.

But the climactic moments in the bout were between Big E and Daniel Bryan in the closing minutes. First, Bryan looked to have the match won when he had Big E locked in the LaBell Lock. Big E refused to submit and dragged himself all the way to the edge of the ring until Bryan broke the hold.

Moments later, Bryan and Big E had a face off in the middle of the ring where E shrugged off some big right hands from Bryan. It was a glimpse into why Big E is going to be a major singles star at some point in the not too distant future.


Bryan came off the top rope and Big E caught him. Woods came in and they hit the Midnight Hour to gain the pinfall and the titles.