Drew McIntyre Explains How Social Media Has Hurt The Illusion of Pro Wrestling

Just over a year ago, Drew McIntyre found himself sidelined from WWE by injury. It was during this time that he was able to look at the business from more of an outside perspective and one of the things he became most interested in was the impact social media has on the business.

There's no doubt that websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have brought fans closer to the talent than ever before. While this can be a positive, McIntyre said during a recent interview with the Not Sam Wrestling Podcast that it can also be a negative, specifically with the heel and babyface dynamic.

"A lot of it is what have we lost and what has changed," McIntyre stated. "As much good as there is (in social media), as much as it has brought us all together, certain circumstances where it is really cool and should be done, it is not making people seem as larger than life.”

"That’s the key is tapping into something that people can get genuinely annoyed with," McIntyre continued. "Whenever I get to opportunity on Raw to do that, it drives people crazy. A lot of people just say things for the likes, retweets and all the fans just going along with that. They (fans) are just saying positive things about people they don’t necessarily care about to get a like or retweet. The superstars will like and retweet it and to me, it is not becoming of a WWE superstar."

As a heel, it sounds like McIntyre specifically enjoys the negative comments he receives on social media. Especially some of the comments that go a little far.

"I get more excited about the negative comments, especially if they are constructive," McIntyre said. "Occasionally I will get something, and I will think this person has a point. I appreciate the positive comments that evoke that point as well, not just hoping for a like or a retweet. The biggest compliment for me right now is, especially on Instagram because anyone can message you, is when my wife tells me how many death threats I’m getting because of what I do to Roman Reigns. I say, excellent, I’m doing my job."


McIntyre will team with Shane McMahon to take on Roman Reigns and The Undertaker on July 14th at WWE Extreme Rules in Philadelphia, PA.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.]