Drew McIntyre Reportedly Set for Monstrous 2019 in WWE

It's hard to find a negative opinion on Drew McIntyre these days, and WWE is apparently ready to [...]

It's hard to find a negative opinion on Drew McIntyre these days, and WWE is apparently ready to launch him into the wrestling stratosphere.

After a four-year hiatus from WWE, McIntyre returned to the main roster in April and has been nothing short of exceptional. Rumors of Vince McMahon being smitten by the 33-year-old Scotsman made waves and now it looks like those prophecies are officially upon us. According to WrestleVotes—a Twitter handle with ears behind WWE's curtain—McIntyre's main event push has begun and there may be no end in sight.

"WWE has been high on Drew McIntyre for months now. The big push is indeed starting. They have major plans for him in 2019," writes WrestleVotes.

Given Roman Reigns' departure from the company, this news doesn't come as too much of a surprise. While Reigns was around, McIntyre has seen an imminent challenger for the Universal Championship. But now that Reigns is gone—for likely at least a year—McIntyre seems to be the next man up.

He'll have to contend with Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, but per WrestleVotes, McIntyre's rise won't really happen until 2019. This would appear to make him a leading candidate to win the Royal Rumble in January.

McIntyre's recent work hasn't gone unnoticed, by seemingly anyone, but WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry recently told Sirius Busted Open Radio that McIntyre will indeed by Champion in 2019.

"Ever since Drew came back and we stuck him with the grown ass man Drew McIntyre moniker, he has been stellar. His promos are priceless and he is unrivaled. Drew is grabbing the business and he's doing things that a lot of the young people are not doing and that's why he's in this conversation that we're talking about, as where he's gonna be in the next year or two. I think that he will be champion. I think before next year is over, Drew McIntyre will be world champion."

Henry doubled-down and proclaimed the McIntyre is a great candidate to be a face of WWE.

I do think that, not only can Drew McIntyre be a champion, I think Drew McIntyre can be face of the company. If I was the guy in charge, I would look no further than the Drew McIntyre I saw in the ring last night in the main event on RAW. I think Drew McIntyre could take the place of Roman Reigns. I think Drew McIntyre could be that John Cena. I think Drew McIntyre could be the face of the franchise. I think Drew McIntyre could be the face on the program, the face on the poster, and the face that sells tickets and pay-per-views, and the [WWE] Network. I think Drew McIntyre could be the next face of the WWE."

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