Former WWE Talent Threatens Suicide During Raw

Former WWE onscreen talent Jason Sensation posted a tweet on Monday night claiming that he had [...]

Former WWE onscreen talent Jason Sensation posted a tweet on Monday night claiming that he had made it past security at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada with a gun and that he planned on taking his own life during Monday's episode of Monday Night Raw.

"I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight's #RAW in Toronto. Don't ya dare miss it!!! Thanks for the memories @WWE," he wrote in a since-deleted post. Sensation's account has since been deactivated.

Multiple wrestling journalists have since confirmed that the Toronto Police had been made aware of the tweet.

"Police officers have been walking around throughout the stands," Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp tweeted. He later followed up by tweeting that most of the fans in the arena were unaware of the situation, though both the WWE and arena officials had been alerted to Sensation's claim.

Former WWE creative member Vince Russo reportedly claimed on his live Twitch stream that he had made contact with Sensation since the initial tweet via text message. According to Russo, Sensation claimed that the tweet was intended to be a joke, that he was safe at his house and that he was sorry about the joke's fallout.

The official Toronto Police Department tweeted later in the evening that they had made contact with Sensation and that he was never at the arena to begin with, supporting Russo's claim.

"Public Advisory, There were numerous tweets to Toronto Police regarding a threat made by Jason Sensation over Twitter," the tweet read. "We have been investigating it thoroughly. We are with Mr. Sensation now, he never was at the Scotiabank Arena, there is no concern for public safety."

Sapp reported shortly after that the police discovered Sensation was not even in Toronto at the time of the tweet.

Sensation made a couple of appearances on WWE television in 1998, most famously during a promo when D-Generation X impersonated the Nation of Domination. Sensation appeared onscreen alongside the likes of Triple H and Chyna dressed as a parody of Owen Hart wearing a prosthetic nose and strands of caution tape.