Goldberg Announced as Steve Austin's Next Broken Skull Sessions Guest

WWE confirmed on Tuesday night that the next guest on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Session's interview series would be WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. Austin and Goldberg first teased the idea on Monday night during Raw, and within the hour the WWE Network Twitter account confirmed the episode would take place on Dec. 15 after TLC. The pair never crossed paths in a match during their respective careers, though Austin did get involved in Goldberg's feud with Brock Lesnar and served as the special guest referee for their match at WrestleMania XX. Goldberg won the match, but Austin still sent him packing with a Stunner.

Austin launched his new interview series in late November with a rare out-of-character interview with The Undertaker. While going over "The Deadman's" legendary career, Taker made the revelation that the one wrestler who helped him master the persona in and out of the ring was none other than Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

"There's one guy — Jake. Not so much in my delivery or what I said, but he had such insight into character. Brilliant, brilliant mind. Unbelievable, the insight he gave me in how I put that gimmick together," he said. "He would listen to Pink Floyd or he would listen to Black Sabbath, which that got me [thinking]. I would look in the Bible at different verses, back then it didn't bother me as much if I altered it a little. I started looking outside of the box in how to put all this together and become this character.

"He didn't even tell me this, but I heard him [say], 'Once the music starts, you are that person.' I probably took it a step further because I stayed that person for the first probably five, six years," he added. "But he had so many good, innovative ways to put things together and look at different aspects of the business that no one got."


After picking up his feud with Lesnar again in 2016-17, Goldberg returned to the ring earlier this year with a match against The Undertaker at Crown Jewel and a two-minute squash win over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.