Becky Lynch Retains the Raw Women's Championship in an Insanely Violent Hell in a Cell Match

Becky Lynch withstood one of the most violent Hell in a Cell matches in recent memory on Sunday night, but in the end she managed to force Sasha Banks to tap out and retain her Raw Women's Championship. Late in the bout Banks tossed more than a dozen steel chairs into the ring, only for Banks to hit her with a top-rope Bexploder Superplex onto the pile. She then locked in her Disarmher to force Banks to quit.

The feud between Lynch and Banks first kicked off back in mid-August when, after a four-month hiatus, Banks returned to WWE television as a heel and attacked Lynch with a steel chair. This led to a title match at Clash of Champions, which saw Lynch retain after she accidentally hit the referee with a steal chair. She didn't seem all that bothered by the result though, given she'd spend the next 10 minutes beating Banks around the arena.

However the beef between the two would continue as Banks challenged Lynch to a match inside the cell structure. The champ happily obliged, then came out on the winning end of a tag match against Banks and Bayley alongside Charlotte Flair during SmackDown's FOX premiere on Friday.

Banks stated in interviews and her WWE Chronicle special that her hiatus was for her own mental health, rather than the rumored booking frustrations she had with the company. She also fought back against reports stating she had acted unprofessionally at WrestleMania 35 after dropping the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.


"Just like, man, you guys don't know the full story. You don't know the full thing," Banks said. "And then, just like how the hell do they make this stuff up too? I saw so much stuff like, 'Crying on the floor of the locker room.' No, I got undressed, put my clothes on and walked out and stand with the fans and Pam [Bayley] watching the main event. Because I was so happy for those girls

"Then there's rumors that I was crying on the hotel floor. It's just, man, please show me those pictures, please show me the footage," she added.