WWE Fans Point out Sledgehammers Being Used in Past Hell in a Cell Matches

By now you've probably heard about the controversy surrounding the end of Sunday night's Hell in a Cell event. After nearly hitting nearly a dozen Curb Stomps and using almost every weapon he could possibly, Seth Rollins pulled out a sledgehammer and whacked Bray Wyatt (who was protected under a pile of discarded weapons) in the middle of the ring. The referee then called for the bell to stop the match, with WWE's social media account arguing that Rollins had "gone too far" by using the sledgehammer on his opponent. The crowd in the arena loudly booed throughout the final minutes of the show, especially after Wyatt jumped back to life and knocked out Rollins with his Mandible Claw.

Within minutes of the finish Twitter was utterly flooded with outraged fans, with many pointing out the flaws in logic with how the match ended. Several noted how ending the match because Rollins used the hammer didn't make sense, given how it had been used numerous times before.

Many noted that Triple H, who is second in both appearances and wins inside the structure, has used his signature weapon during the match on multiple occasions.

Rollins' spot was also nowhere near the most extreme thing ever done in that match. Mick Foley was thrown both off and through the roof of the structure, Rikishi was tossed off the roof, Shane McMahon has jumped off the roof twice and missed his mark both times and wrestlers have used all sorts of weapons to bloody and brutalize each other.

This also marks the second year in a row where the main event cell match has ended in controversy. Last year's event saw Brock Lesnar storm the ring and knock out both Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, who was using his Money in the Bank briefcase at the time. The referee called for the bell after Lesnar left, stating that the match had ended in a No Contest.


It's unclear when Rollins will have to defend his championship again. WWE's next pay-per-view, Crown Jewel, will take place on Oct. 31 and he's already booked for a non-title 10-man tag match during the show.

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