Impact's Deonna Purrazzo Retains Knockouts Championship at Hard to Kill

The Knockouts Championship was on the line tonight at Impact's Hard to Kill, as Taya Valkyrie attempted to become a two-time Knockouts Champion and take the title away from Deonna Purrazzo. There's some bad blood between the two stars, and that showed when Valkyrie went charging towards Purrazzo. She got the best of the matchup but Purrazzo got some room to breathe after running to the outside and getting some help from Kimber Lee, but Valkyrie eventually got to Purrazzo.

The two brawled outside of the ring as did the rest of the people surrounding the ring, and it didn't take long for the referee to start throwing people out.

Everyone was cleared out, and soon it was just the two stars one on one. Valkyrie got Purrazzo back in the ring, but unfortunately, Purrazzo soon started working on her arm, and she was clearly doing some damage.

She focused her attack to weaken the arm for her armbar submission, but Valkyrie got some space, hitting Purrazzo with a clothesline and knocking her down, though her arm was already too sore to cover quickly.

Purrazzo countered another attack and went right back to the arm, twisting the arm into another hold that put stress on the back of the knee, the elbow, and the arm. Valkyrie got to the ropes, but Purrazzo did some damage.

She then kicked Valkyrie in the back of the knee and the leg twice, and though she got her down Valkyrie kicked out of a pin. Purrazzo went for the leg this time, locking Valkyrie into another hold that Valkyrie broke by grabbing the ropes.

She went after the leg again by putting it over the ropes and then twisting, and then went after the knee with another drop, but Valkyrie kicked out of a pin once more.

Purrazzo went after the leg again, but Valkyrie evaded and got some offense in, which ended with a semi-spear. Purrazzo kicked out but it gave Valkyrie some space to breathe, and she was clearly suffering in regards to her arm and knee, as the next move she tried to pull off you could see her knee buckled.

Valkyrie downed Purrazzo again with a dropkick and then slammed her. to the mat. Valkyrie went for the pin but Purrazzo kicked out. Valkyrie crossed Purrazzo's legs and then brutally kicked Purrazzo in the back and slammed her to the ground. She then locked in a modified STF, putting stress on Purrazzo's back and digging into her face.

She got to the ropes, and managed to halt Valkyrie's advance. They traded punches and then kicks, and Purrazzo managed to lock. in the armbar but Valkyrie got out. She then modified it to a double armbar, and that caused Valkyrie to say I quit and sealed the win for Purrazzo.

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