Manik Retains X Division Championship at Impact's Hard to Kill

Manik may have lost his mask during Impact's Hard to Kill pay-per-view on Saturday, but he still managed to leave the show as X Division Champion. The show's triple threat title match involving Chris Bey and Rohit Raju saw the latter unmask the champion, finally confirming his theory that it was really just TJP wearing a mask. The final sequence saw Raju seemingly knock Bey out, only for Perkins to roll him up for a quick three count. The scene cut away as Raju and Perkins (wearing face paint that resembles his mask) stood face-to-face.

Perkins first started appearing on Impact/TNA in 2004 and wrestled primarily as Manik (the updated version of the masked character Suicide) from 2013-16 prior to his three-year run with WWE. This marks his second reign with the title, both of which have been under his masked persona.