Jeff Hardy Confirms 'No More Words' Theme Song Return

WWE's Jeff Hardy is getting an old favorite back: his "No More Words" theme song. During an appearance on WWE's The Bump on Friday morning, Hardy was being interviewed by the hosts when he confirmed the return of the song. He said, "I look forward to getting in front of a crowd again because I think I'm getting my old theme back from 08 and 09 called No More Words and it's going to be special again."

Hardy previously used this theme song between 2008 and 2009 during a time where he held the world championship. It was always a favorite with fans and Hardy has spoken publicly about wanting to get the song back for his entrance. It looks like that wish has been granted, as when he was pressed by the hosts about his comments, he "confirmed" it's back.

Check out the clip below for yourself.

If you don't recall the song, take a listen to it below courtesy of the WWE Music Group YouTube channel.


How do you think "No More Words" compares to Hardy's standard Hardy Boyz theme song? Let us know in the comments section below!