Jim Ross Not a Fan of Hell in a Cell's Finish

Hell in Cell spent most of its 220-minute runtime pleasing WWE fans. However, the closing moments of the pay-per-view saw Brock Lesnar barge into the Universal Championship match and end it in a no contest. For many fans, Hell in a Cell closed on a bitter note, and Jim Ross was one of them.

During an episode of The Ross Report, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed why using Brock Lesnar to close the show was a swing-and-a-miss for him.

"Hell In A Cell – I enjoyed the broadcast on Sunday. I thought the controversial finish (and it was controversial) the Hell In A Cell main event, it did not adversely affect my overall opinion of the three hours and change that I invested in my life in that TV show. The main event finish did take the focus off of both Reigns and Strowman, which seemingly, was the goal. If that was the goal, then they succeeded. Now that finish is not what I would've done with the luxury (as you do) of looking at it in hindsight. Had a lot of bodies, wild west was there, on the cage, off the cage, the side of the cage, became that stunt show at the end," he said.

Ross admitted that considering this was such a big moment for the Universal Championship, to have it end ambiguously was a questionable choice.

It confused me a little bit, which when you book a match like that – how would you book a match and not have a viable finish in mind? And I'm sorry, just for my taste and again with the benefit of hindsight, I didn't foresee that that finish was what was needed. Just me, but I do know that the issue of the title is still open. There's still a story there, and new players are at float, and who can trust who. There's a lot of things that can be made of this scenario. There's no honor among thieves, so that may stand big for McIntyre or some of these other dudes somewhere down the road, let's remember that. It didn't turn me off of the whole show is what I'm saying," he said.

But using Lesnar, WWE assured neither Reigns nor Strowman would take a highly decisive pin. Even more, Lesnar's introduction into the fray was used to set up a triple threat match at the November 2 Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

So while it may not have been what fans wanted, bringing Lesnar back to set up Crown Jewel was something WWE needed to do.


[H/T WrestleZone]