Former WWE Superstar Justin Credible Arrested

Justin Credible, real name PJ Polaco, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday in Connecticut.Pro [...]

Justin Credible, real name PJ Polaco, was reportedly arrested on Tuesday in Connecticut.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports the arrest was in regards to violating a protective order, though details on what he did in order to violate that order have not been released.

Credible first began working in the WWF as an enhancement talent in 1993 and signed a full-time contract with the company in 1994 where he wrestled as Aldo Montoya.

In 1997 he was sent to ECW as part of a talent exchange between the two promotions and found success with his new Justin Credible heel persona. Along with Lance Storm, he won the ECW World Tag Team Championships twice and defeated Tommy Dreamer to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in April 2000.

Credible returned to the WWE in February 2001, just two months before ECW filed for bankruptcy and had its assets bought by WWE. He teamed up with X-Pac and Albert to form a new midcard faction titled X-Factor, then aligned himself with the former WCW and ECW wrestlers in the Alliance storyline in 2001.

During the WWE's revival of ECW in 2006, Credible was brought in two work from June through September. His most famous match during that time was a loss to a debuting CM Punk.

Credible admitted in a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel that he has recently struggled with opioid addiction and alcoholism. He said WWE officials paid for him to attend rehab in the Summer of 2017.

"I know this sounds super-dramatic, but I don't think I'd be alive today without WWE," he said. "A year ago, I was 300 pounds and literally drinking myself to death. Today, I weigh 230 — pretty healthy, in my opinion. I've been doing yoga, getting ready for this big appearance at WrestleCon. I hate to sound cliché, but when you're sober, good things start happening."

In March 2017 Credible found himself in legal trouble when he was arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening in the second degree in a domestic dispute with his wife Jill Marie Polaco.

A documentary about Credible's battle with addiction, titled Credible, is currently in post-production. The idea was originally presented to him by Diamond Dallas Page, a WWE Hall of Famer who has helped several other retired wrestlers with sobriety.

Credible told the Sentinel that Page and his wife were two of his biggest supporters in helping him get clean.

"Anyone who says 'I'm not going to have a drink' can white-knuckle it for a long period of time, but soon you realize you need support," Credible said. "For me, that meant my therapist, my comrades, my family and my loved ones. My kids aren't wrestling fans, but they're the biggest supporters I've ever had, and my wife is the rock in this whole story — she's the one who binds us all together."