Kevin Owens Reportedly Set for Major Character Change Upon Making WWE Return

Just before Kevin Owens underwent surgery, it looked like his final moments on Raw turned him from [...]

Just before Kevin Owens underwent surgery, it looked like his final moments on Raw turned him from WWE villain to hero. And apparently, he'll be picking where he left off when he returns to action.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, when Owens comes back to WWE he'll be working as a babyface. KO told the WWE Universe on Monday that he's about a month away. That news came in a cell phone video from a bowling alley where Owens was flaunting his new, agreeable disposition. Right as he signed off he went on to badly gutter ball his next turn, and apparently, blunders like that will be a part of his new character.

"The idea is he's the anti-Mr. Perfect. I guess the idea is that Kevin Owens is your everyday guy, you know like your next door neighbor who is a complete athletic clod," said Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer also mentioned that Owens could be back in time for a WrestleMania match.

In January, WWE advertised that Owens would be back "soon" following his double knee surgery from this fall. Owens has actually changed his Twitter handle to "Soon." in light of WWE's promotion. While we don't know when that will be, it seems like March is a reasonable expectation.

The idea of Owens taking on the role of a clumsy, loveable, hero will take some getting used to. But KO is a wrestler who seems to have a keen understanding of the craft and should find success in whatever he's been asked to do. Since joining WWE in 2014, Owens has been exclusively a heel, and arguably the best in the company. His new persona will take some getting used to, but it should serve as a good dose of freshness for the WWE Universe.

With The Miz and Owens now acting like good guys, WWE will be short on proven heels. However, they were planning thin on main event level babyfaces, and Miz and KO are some of the best-equipped wrestlers in the company. For all of the flak WWE takes for being stagnant, these are two major changes to the fundamental chemistry of WWE's roster.

Even as a heel, Owens had cultivated a devoted cult following. His transition into a good guy may have begun this summer when he was being hunted by Braun Strowman. After a series of highly brutal incidents, Owens garnered some sympathy with WWE fans and after a double switch with Bobby Lashley on Raw, KO hit the disabled looked like a babyface in the making. With his comedic timing, in-ring storytelling, and strength on the microphone, Owens should have little trouble in convincing us to like him.

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