WWE SmackDown: Kevin Owens Files Lawsuit Against Shane McMahon, Wants To Fire Him

The latest evolution of the Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon saga was revealed Tuesday night on SmackDown, this time with a new wrinkle in how Owens may make his return to the brand.

Following Owens getting fired for his performance as a referee last week during SmackDown's King of the Ring semifinals match between McMahon and Chad Gable, Kevin took matters into his own hands by issuing a lawsuit to McMahon in order to get his job back.

Owens was shown during SmackDown sitting among the fans while McMahon was served with legal papers backstage. Infuriated, McMahon made his way out to the ring and called out Owens for the lawsuit.

McMahon called it the largest wrongful termination suit in history, saying that Owens would get $25 million if he wins. They argued a bit, with Owens calling Shane an idiot and Shane saying that despite not reading the lawsuit closely, saying he knows the case is weak.

Owens responded by saying he has a strong case and noting that McMahon has ruined SmackDown Live. Owens ran down the list, saying he was fined for hitting an official when he went after Elias, yet McMahon went after him (Owens) last week despite the fact that he was an official for the Gable vs. McMahon bout.

Owens noted McMahon didn't get fined for that, instead he was allowed to fire Owens for being insubordinate. Owens says he has tried to reason with Shane and fight him. He said last week he even tried to help him while an official, but he said now all he wants to do is hurt McMahon. Owens said the best way to do that is hit his wallet and pride.


Owens went on to say this is about more than money and he knows he has a legitimate case, noting that Shane knows it too. However, Owens said that Shane didn't read the papers close enough. Owens went on to say that lawsuit says that when Owens is victorious, he gets to return to SmackDown and fire McMahon.

Owens left the ring after dropping the microphone, exiting through the crowd and looking back to the ring at a stunned McMahon.