Kofi Kingston Compares His Rise To Daniel Bryan's 'Yes Movement'

Wrestling story lines seem to work in cycles over the year, and the current story surrounding Kofi [...]

Wrestling story lines seem to work in cycles over the year, and the current story surrounding Kofi Kingston's efforts to receive a championship opportunity is very similar to what Daniel Bryan went through in 2013 and 2014.

The irony is of course that Kingston's character is hoping to face Bryan now at WrestleMania, with Bryan now serving in the role of the champion who doesn't believe his eventual opponent is worthy of a title shot. In fact, Bryan has even been using the same terminology that his on-screen detractors used five years ago, referring to Kingston as a "B-plus player" on this past week's edition of WWE SmackDown.

Kingston spoke about the similarities of his rise to that of Bryan's during a recent WWE media call.

"I think it is similar. It is awesome when the WWE Universe is dictating what happens on WWE television. Vince came on RAW and Smackdown a few months ago and said they were going to listen to the people, and that's what the WWE Universe wants, to be listened to," stated Kofi. "When something like the 'Yes Movement' happens organically, it's not written in the writers room, it's not a story that people think about and it just happens, it's an organic storyline. There's definitely a lot of similarities where the universe has just hijacked the show. They made their voices and opinions very well known and I'm very appreciative of them."

This past week on SmackDown, Kingston had the opportunity to ensure a championship match with Bryan at WrestleMania 35. A gauntlet match was held for the entire second hour of the broadcast, and just when it seemed Kingston had the match won and the WrestleMania match secured, Vince McMahon emerged from behind the curtain.

McMahon told him he had one more opponent to beat: Bryan himself. Out came the WWE Champion and he defeated the depleted Kingston in just a couple of minutes, with the SmackDown live audience reacting in stunned silence.

Never fear, WWE Universe. With two weeks until WrestleMania 35, expect Kingston's name to officially be added to the WrestleMania card in the days ahead. Kingston vs. Bryan will happen at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, it's just a matter of us waiting to see how WWE gets us there.