Matt Cardona and Brian Myers' Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Launching New Pay-Per-View

The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast has expanded in a number of ways, and that includes launching the Major Pod Network and even their first pay-per-view FWF. Now they are back with a new pay-per-view, fittingly titled FWF LIVE! II and it will stream live on Friday, November 26th at 8 PM on FWF LIVE! II will feature Cardona, Myers, Swoggle, producer "Smart" Mark Sterling, Tatanka, The Headbangers, VSK, and more. You can order the pay-per-view, which will air through a secure Patreon link, as well as exclusive merchandise until December 1st, and you can do so right here.

You can pre-order the show now for a one-time fee of $40, but if you want some exclusives you can order the one for $65, which gets you the pay-per-view, FWF Live! II Trading Card, #MajorPBR Trading Card, FWF Live! II Pin, and Mosh & Trasher Micro Brawlers. You'll also get both FWF Live! II and the original FWF Live! I, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the pay-per-view and a bonus Q&A podcast.

(Photo: FWF Live! II)

If you want some extra swag, you can grab the $150 tier, which gets you all of the above as well as an autographed FWF Live! II print (there are only 35 available).

The $185 tier gets you all of the previous tiers except for the print, switching it out instead for an autographed Major Pod Network Mic Flag with Matt, Brian, and Mark's signatures.

Now, the $300 tier will switch out the Mic Flag for something pretty cool, as you'll get a Mystery Weapon from Long Island Street Fight that is autographed by Cardona. This can be either a Kendo Stick, a piece of a table, or a Trashcan lid. There are also other tiers that will get you a Turnbuckle Pad signed by one of the FWF crew or everyone. You can check it all out here.