Maxxine Dupri Makes WWE SmackDown Debut

Over the past month, WWE fans have already had a chance to meet Max Dupri, who then introduced the world to SmackDown's newest faction, Maximum Male Models. Last week it was then teased that fans would meet his sister Maxxine Dupri during this week's episode, and while the show ended up having to get a major rewrite thanks to Brock Lesnar leaving the building, we did still get Maxxine's debut, revealing her identity to be none other than former NXT star Sofia Cromwell. You can check out her full debut promo below.

Dupri said "My name is Maxxine Dupri, and I'm the director of talent at Maximum Male Models. Now, my brother Max, he has good taste, but I like to think of mine as...well, delicious, and you will see that next week when I present to you the Maximum Male Models 2022 SummerSlam Beachwear Collection. Because you see, summer is hot, but the Maximum Male Models beat the heat by continuing to titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures."

Max wasn't in the building for tonight's episode of SmackDown, but hopefully, he'll be in town for the SummerSlam Beachwear Collection showcase. The previous Tennis showcase embraced the fun and over-the-top aspects of the agency gimmick, and the SummerSlam collection will likely follow suit.

Before now Cromwell has been in NXT working alongside Mr. Stone and Von Wagner, but it appears she is now 100% part of SmackDown's MMM faction. It will also be interesting to see what the dynamic between Maxxine and her brother Max is when they appear on screen together. Is it a happy family vibe or is there some competition between the two as far as who is the leader of the crew? We'll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

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