Mick Foley Launching New Podcast, Foley is Pod, With Conrad Thompson

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is the latest pro wrestling legend to launch a podcast, as Sports Illustrated confirmed on Tuesday that the former WWE Champion will be hosting the Foley is Pod show on Conrad Thompson's Podcast Heat network beginning on June 5. According to Justin Barrasso, the show will center around the various phases of Foley's career, including his stints in WWE and WCW, his time in Japan, his brief run in ECW and his final full-time with TNA (Impact Wrestling). 

"I know the way I feel when I hear a good podcast, how it can turn a whole day around and put a smile on my face," Foley told SI. "I'm looking forward to telling stories and reminding people of a time they really enjoyed when they were big wrestling fans."

"I've been in love with pro wrestling for 45 years now," he later added. "All these years of telling stories on the page and on the stage have led to this opportunity."

Thompson commented on the show's launch by saying, "Mick is just so passionate about pro wrestling. And look at his career. He proved he could do it all--whether that was as a heel, the ultimate babyface, or a comedic character. He did it all so incredibly well. And I'm really interested about Mick's thought process. His books were so good, and so are his one-man shows. I really believe that this show, which we're recording in-person and in 4K, is going to be exactly what the wrestling world is looking for."

Thompson's Podcast Heat network includes shows like To Be The Man (hosted by Ric Flair), DDP SnakePit (Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy (Matt Hardy), Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw (JBL and Jerry Brisco), The Wives of Wrestling (Kim Orton and Giovanna Angle) and Oh... You Didn't Know? (Road Dogg). Stay tuned for coverage of Foley's show as it launches!