MLW Reveals Major Signing of NJPW Star

Tonight's MLW Fightland special on VICE TV had a few surprises up its sleeve, but perhaps the biggest one was the new signing the company just made, which was revealed during Alicia Atout's MLW Embedded. The debut of the segment featured Atout breaking some big news, specifically that NJPW star Will Ospreay is heading to MLW later this fall. No word on exactly when Ospreay will debut in MLW or who his first opponent will be, but hopefully we'll get more details in the coming weeks. Regardless of when and who he faces, Ospreay is a huge signing, and we can't wait to see what he does when he jumps into the mix.

Ospreay was previously injured and thus never lost his IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He made a shocking return at Resurgence, declaring himself the real IWGP World Heavyweight Champion with his Championship title in tow (though it wasn't the old design, but the new design).

Ospreay is hotter than ever, and he will instantly boost MLW's already talented roster when he finally joins.

As for MLW Embedded, recently spoke to Atout about the new project and segment, which fans saw in action during tonight's Fightland.

"Yes. So, it's a brand new segment on MLW called, MLW Embedded. I will be your host, and I'll be sitting down with some of the hottest, most well-respected, journalists and analysts within the wrestling business. No topics are off-topic. We are not afraid to go right into things. No tiptoeing. And it was so much fun to film," Atout said. "We had this crazy round-table filled with, like I said, some of the biggest names. We had Dave Meltzer, we had Raj Giri, Andreas Hale, and then Emilio Sparks. So, I see you nodding your head there, right away, recognizing some of those names. As I said, nothing was off-limits, off-topic. So, we were diving into other promotions, some of the craziest stories happening right now."

"And sometimes everyone saw eye-to-eye, and other times we didn't. So, we got right down into it. I also was able to break some crazy, crazy news in terms of, in my opinion, one of the best wrestlers in the world, coming to MLW this fall. So yeah, there was just a lot that happened within the segment," Atout said.

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